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KFC Dream Big scholarship

  • The KFC Dream Big annual scholarship is designed to support.

  • KFC employees who have at least 1 year of work experience at KFC.

  • The purpose of the scholarship is to help employees realize their dreams,
    whether those dreams involve a hobby, a specific course, or purchasing a relevant item.

  • The size of the scholarship fund to be shared among employees between €3,000 and €5,000.

  • Join us and start flavoring your future today!
    Dream big!

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KFC is waiting you, if you

- want your working day to be active;

- looking for first job;

- or want to become a leader faster;

- looking for temporary work (summer job);

- you want a job with flexible schedule, to combine it with your studies.

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Why work at KFC?

- the team in KFC is always friendly, positive and willing to help teammates in need;

- free lunch at work;

- discounts in KFC restaurants for you and your family to enjoy;

- additional discounts in other Apollo group businesses;

- career and growth opportunities;

- we have birthday surprises especially for you!


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Service worker

😍 Cashier work
😍 Order picking
😍 Knowledge of Lithuanian language at least B1 level

Salary: from 5,68€/h to 6,4 €/h

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Kitchen worker

🍟 Cooking burgers and French fries

Salary: from 5,68€/h to 6,4 €/h

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Chicken panner

🍗 Chicken breading and frying

Salary: from 5,68€/h to 6,4 €/h

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Shift manager

🍩 Efficient shift management
🍩 Restaurant management support in daily work
🍩 Monitoring the quality of service and products

Salary: from 1200€ to 1420€

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Assistant of Restaurant manager

🥤 Assistance of the restaurant manager in the daily process of managing the team
🥤 Team members supporting and mentoring

Salary: from 1440€ to 1720€

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Restaurant manager

☕ Restaurant team management and daily work coordination
☕ Budgeting
☕ Carrying out inventories

Salary: from 1750€ to 2120€

Our restaurants


  • KFC Vilnius Outlet, Vytauto Pociūno st. 8

  • KFC PC Ozas, Ozo st. 18

  • KFC Gedimino pr. 5

  • KFC Mandarinas, Ateities st. 91, Vilnius


  • KFC Savanorių pr. 439


  • KFC RYO Savitiškio st. 61


  • KFC Gumbinės st. 4


  • KFC Minijos st. 90

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